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    • depends where your school is located since hangzhou is not small. There are agency's which can help you to find an apartment or get in touch  with your school to get some offers. And dont rent any apartment without visiting it on your own. at least not for  longer.
    • Waiguoren is not a fighting word, it means foreigner, hardly a word to fight over. Also, Yongxing has 2 different campuses, one in Fuyang proper while the other is in the middle of butt fuck nowhere. 
    • Hi everyone! I'm Jenna, an undergraduate student from the United States. I've been in Hangzhou this past year on a study abroad program (Middlebury Schools Abroad). This summer, I'm living in the Xihu district trying to complete some independent research for my senior thesis. I'm currently looking for any volunteer opportunities open to foreigners, so if you have any suggestions, I would be grateful if you could send them my way. Thanks!
    • Hello,everyone.I am an employee of a Chinese medical group company.Our company mainly focuses on medical services.In the future,we will recruit international medical management teams.Anyone who studies medicine can contact me.Add me wechat:[please send me private message for my contact information]