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Popcorn Sutton

Why is Walmart so awful in China (or Zhejiang)?

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Why are Walmart's here so awful? Shitty is a vulgar opinion. The stores are dingy, crap merchandise and the supermarket is horrible, worse than Wumei. Probably like a larger version of a Hangzhou TESCO except TESCO actually sells a few things I like. Much worse in selection than Lianhua, while at least the major supermarkets, Lianhua is better than Walmart.

I have been to Walmart out of necessity in Jinhua and Jiaxing, and before in Hangzhou and they are all like this. I have been in Jiaxing for a week, and went to their shit store for supplies. Seeing the town that weekend, I found Aushon Supermarket, which made me happy, and actually paid a taxi 20¥ to shop there than the horrid Walmart about ten minute walk away from my place. I now live near the Aushon in Hangzhou, which while not perfect, is the best supermarket in town in my opinion.

I really love going to Walmart back home, that place is heaven. I do not expect that in China, but they could have a clean store that doesn't smell funky which is years out of date. Are Chinese running these nasty stores all by themselves? I would think an American from Walmart would be appalled. Makes me wonder if the home office of Walmart really knew how pitiful their Chinese operation really is.

so, who is the CEO of Walmart China, a meth head named Fred?


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Firstly, I have no idea what a Walmart is supposed to be like... we don't have them back in my home. (we have K-mart though... might be the same). So, I can't make a real comparison. But, K-mart isn't a supermarket. I don't go to K-mart for food (except maybe cheap chips and drinks). Just like I don't go to Coles or Woollies for clothes, bikes, camping gear, etc etc...I go there for food! Similarly, I go to Walmart for... well, nothing actually! But, I go to Lianhua for food, and not clothes.

Secondly, the Walmart here isn't for foreigners... if's for the locals. Your standards have no meaning here. Your desires have no meaning here.


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