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Hangzhou Expat

Any place where I can perform a Chillhop Beatset ?

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Hey everyone,

I've been living in Hangzhou for two weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any idea where I could perform a HipHop / Jazzy beatset ?

I am a beatmaker / producer and here are my social media links if you want to know exactly what I do:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saib_eats

Spotify :

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks again !


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Basement, 9 Club ? Tried those?  There was some cool beat making happening at that Wake Town market event.  Some of it was pretty dope.

I can't seem to load your music on here.  But will look on Spotify. 

Good luck and enjoy!

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I actually did a set at Wake Town last Sunday ! Also did 2 other sets at MQ Lounge, thanks a lot for the tip, will definitely check the place you mentionned

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