Little Cabaret of Horrors! Saturday October 28th at Carbon on 北山

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A local Hangzhou production team of awesome performers is putting together another great Cabaret night Saturday, October 28th at Carbon on BeiShan Lu.  (The Carbon that was literally once on fire).  Attached are some pictures of past productions. 

See the poster for a QR code to buy 100rmb tickets, or PM me.  

北山路10号 (10 BeiShan Road)

Doors open at 8:00pm, and show starts at 9:00pm



- Warren





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Looking for a job ? The job is looking for you too !  Please UPLOAD/BUILD your resume first → HERE.

Anyway we can "The Little Shop Of Horrors" after your production? At least if you have an intermission play "Let's Do the Time warp Again".

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You would have to ask the boss ladies in charge of the event...   I know after the event there will be DJ Tamlan. 

Checkity check out the image. 




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