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    • Aims: To promote communication and enhance the friendship between Chinese and Foreign families. To enrich the culture activities of community .To help both side’s children to learn each other’s culture and language. Location:Vanke leanning Center ( 2nd floor of the ,gym at Ease-sky Plaza, Dongxin Ave 290, Binjiang District) Time: October  25th (Fri), 19:00-20:30 or October  27th (Sun), 19:00-20:30 Participants: Foreign families and students, Chinese families Theme: Happy Halloween Process: 1.       Have some snacks and drinks, free communication between Chinese and Foreign families. 2.       Introduction in Chinese or English by children and parents. 3.       Game and raffles.  The host will introduce the background of Halloween, and the activities during that day. Then he explain the rule of the games. Each family is a independent team. Every team can get a stamp by winning a game. They can get different gifts according to the numbers of the stamps. Here are some reference games   Round 1:steal fruits from the witch The witch hides some fruits under the Jack-O’-lanterns. You must memorize the name and order of the fruits. Every children must say the names in a foreign language.(Chinese should say the name in English and Foreign friends must say them in Chinese)   Round 2:Grabbing candies. Parents can hold their kids up and help them to bite the candies hanging on the wall. Who get the most of candies are winners.   Round3:To paint  Jack- O’-lanterns. Children can draw a funny face on the surface of a pumpkins. Foreign friends can be the referees. Who get most of votes will be the winners.   Raffles for the 3rd prize       Round 4:Zombie says    Teacher should wear a mask of zombie and say the names of body parts in Chinese and English.    For instance, when teacher says “The zombie says, point your nose”,  children must point the nose. When he just says” point your nose”, children should keep still.      Round 5:Moving pumpkins   Parent and kid back to back, hand in hand and put an orange balloon(pumpkin )in between. They must move the pumpkins from a designated starting line to the destination by this way. Who move the most of the pumpkins will be the winner. They should go back to the starting line if they drop the pumpkin.     Round 6:Mr ghost, what is this? Teacher and kids stand in both ends of the classroom. Teacher  show several animal  flash cards to children and ask” what is this?”, if children answer the questions correctly, they can approach the teacher by moving one step. Otherwise, they should  stand in the original place. If teacher show the ghost card, all of children must run away and sit on their seats. If the children were caught by the Ghost, he must make a performance or receive some punishments.   Raffles for the 2rd prize   Round 7:Tick or treat Firstly, Children and parents together enjoy the nursery rhymes. Then children lift the candy jars and say “trick or treat” to the adults(except their parents). Adults should give candies to children or receive the trick from the kids.   Round 8:Family shared reading Parents can read English and Chinese story book to both sides’ kids. Foreign friends can help to read and explain.   Round 9:Talent show Every family can send an representative to make a performance for everyone.(e.g. sing , chant, dance, etc….)   Raffles for the 1st prize   4.       Take photos together and farewell.   *We provide unlimited snacks and drinks.* This activity is totally free.We also hope more foreign families to join us. If you are a parent with kindergarten   or elementary school children. If you can speak fluent English. If you have enthusiasm in culture communication. Please feel free to contact us by this we-chat number. Our activity is non-profit and totally free, the only thing we need is your love to children. Local government website also reported the fellowship before. Here is the link: http://www.zjhzart.cn/newsview143992.htm My wechat number is 278471672. Thank you so much.
    • Do a fuxkin search man.