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An Italian in Hangzhou

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Hello everybody my name is Sal and I've been in Hangzhou for 3 weeks now. I work as an English teacher and will start next week in the Gongshu district.

I live in Xiaoshan now by I will move soon to Gongshu so also any help on this is appreciated and I hope there is an accommodation sector in this forum.

As an Italian I like a rich social life and so far it has been a bit of a struggle to meet people.

Hopefully this will change soon.





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In my opinion Gongshu is an old resident area where not much malls located there. And lot of places are still constructing new metro stations. If I were you, I would choose to live close to 西湖文化广场(West lake culture square), where you can find mall, bar, and most important, metro. It is also well connected with lots of bus lines. 

Traditionally, I will use  the 19lou forum to find a room. You can always find a good deal, but most of them don't speak English.

Nowadays, I find号线-t西湖文化广场.html  a new share-room website is getting more popular. Generally their rooms are clean and new, and price is slightly higher. Also the roommates are mostly young people.

Hope you will find an ideal place :p

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