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Awesome ebike for sale ¥2850

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One owner, good as new, full service in November replaced the battery, seat, brakes and brake fluid as new. Includes a poncho, charger and lock ¥2850 o.N.o 

Finders fee - if you help to find a serious buyer who buys the bike, you will be rewarded with a sweet ¥100 [耶]




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On 21/01/2018 at 3:08 PM, Popcorn Sutton said:

How far can it go on one charge? How fast does it go?

We normally drive about 50 km before it needs a charge and can reach 55 km/h, I've never tried to go faster 


You are more than welcome to take it for a test drive, drives like a dream 

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12 hours ago, ShawnoftheDead said:

Battery voltsge ? Number of batteries? Is it street legal ? 

I will check and confirm voltage tomorrow, I know it was the six cell we bought in November so it's pretty heavy but lasts very long. We have never been stopped by the police even when they were doing checks at intersections (except for telling me to get off because only one person allowed on the bike) and have asked around and there doesn't seem to be any problems around the legalities about this look in particular, but if you want to be completely sure maybe ask a local who is clued up about this.


If you'd like a test drive them pm me and we can set it up 

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