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I can't find a Burger King around here.  I live at Qingchun Lu and Jianguo Bei Lu, around 35 Qingchun. 

I went to the Hangzhou railway station, couldn't find one (though internet says there is one there).

I went to 260 Jiefang Lu (next to Ya'nan). There is a kind of strip mall of mostly restaurants that follows around a building there. #260 is empty.

Tomorrow I will take a ride to 155 Dongxin Lu to see if there is one there.  I'm feeling a bit more positive about this one, because I found it on a map that resulted from a Google search.  It showed 3 locations, none too close to me; the closest is about 7 kms north of here, which is no problem on my e-scooter. 

If you know where there actually is a BK, please let me know.

And it would be great to know where one might purchase a strawberry milkshake for a reasonable price.   They used to sell them at China McD's way back in the day.  I miss milkshakes, especially on a warm summer afternoon.  Sad they don't go over well here.



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The one at the station is gone for quite some time,  I guess 2 years?  

I'm not sure where u can check because I always used to go to the one close to the west lake. 

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There is a Burger King at EAC center (Jiao gong lu). There is also a Mc donalds so you can check if they have milkshake or not

Another BK is located in Wen Er Lu.



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I found one at Fengqi and Xintang Roads.  It's about 5.5 kms from me, but still the closest one I have found so far.

The service was ok. The tables were dirty.  Only a couple of couples there (about 9pm). I was cold from riding around in the snow on my scooter looking for BK's. I bought a hot chocolate to warm-up, and a lava cheese cake; I wish they had more desserts. They made a mistake in my order, but it was an easy fix.  I didn't linger because the staff were calling out insults, which really spoiled my appetite and destroyed any good feelings I had for the place.  I finished up quickly, and got outta there. 

I won't go there much, but I get craving a good hamburger every now and then, and so far as my pallet knows, BK has the best tasting burger in China.  It's too bad that there aren't any left in the city.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Carls Burgers is so-so. I used to eat there during my college days as I got tired of eating In N Out constantly. the good thing about Carls is the size factor. Burger King back home was never busy, similar to KFC. But here in China, BK is definitely the only way to go if you have choices. 

Yes, there is one in EAC and here in the northeast Linping area. I tried the other night but they were closed. Not sure if they were just closing as staff were there, or if they were closed for CNY.

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