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A nice helper is wanted

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I have an English learning workshop with my partner. We teach kids and try to help them to experience various ways of learning a foreign language.

Among all the ways, communicating to real English speakers as much as someone can is the best way to get improvement. So we have a practical idea like asking for foreign friends to join in our project. The learning project might be like this: 1.we will organize activities once or twice a month. (Going to visit museums and places of interest, experiencing authentic Chinese culture are gladly to be considered)  2.we will set up some language learning goals for the real scene.  3. Invite foreign friends to communicate with kids in English to have the “real chat” and finish the language goals concurrently.

So according to above idea, we hope you are interested in Chinese culture and enjoy staying with children, and if you have teaching experiences, that will be so nice!!!  And the most important thing is that you will stay in Hangzhou for a long and stable time.

If you have interest in this, please send me the private message!!


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So basically you are want foreign parents who already have English speaking children, who most likely want them to speak Chinese because they are living in China. But you want them to teach your Chinese kids English, for free, instead of just taking them to an English school. And the exchange? Take them to a museum to see even more Chinese culture than the shit we see and hear every single day.

The parent that falls for this shit deserves to be taken for the fool that they are. 

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