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Good Morning Everyone,


My wife and I will be moving to Hangzhou in July. While our housing arrangements are not completely concrete, will most likely be living near the entrance of the Jihnhang Canal in the Jianggan District (sp?) 

We have been CrossFitting for many years, have owned a gym ourselves, and are looking for boxes/gyms nearby to make our new home. I know of CrossFit Qiantang, near West Lake, but I am assuming using public transportation would be to time costly to travel daily.

Anyone have any insight or info on the gym CrossFit DPR? Any info on any surrounding areas and CrossFit gyms are appreciated. Information via our internet is limited on this type of information.

Thank you in advance.

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5 hours ago, gotchachn said:

actually check out Crossfit Xihu..they have 5 boxes so far now scattered around different areas of Hangzhou

Thanks for the information gotchachn. We will make sure to check it out.

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