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decent supermarket

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Hey guys, hope you all having a great day!

Am desperately tryin to find some decent supermarket around.

Especially for meat like beef and seafood too. 

My friend ordered some stuff from Shanghai. I think from feels or fields. am not too sure but boy was I disappointed. Damn too expensive and I also doubt the quality.

Thank you xxx:happy:

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Fields is ridiculously expensive. They used to be on my Facebook and I used to ridicule them and anyone who bought their crap. Like a "Hamburger Kit" with about a kilogram of beef, some buns and a bottle of ketchup for 200 RMB or some crap. They finally banned by comments, but no one in their right mind should shop there, and have a feeling Fields mostly caters to rich foreign businesspeople who live in their high castles who don't want to mix with the proles. If you read this, look up Fields and have a laugh.

Concerning supermarkets. I have lived here a long time and basically I go to different places to get different things. If you want good meat, I can suggest Metro or Ole in the MIXC mall near the river (but on the Subway Green line). There are two Metro stores and unfortunately both are a bit far away from where anyone lives, literally, but they probably have the best selection. Ole' isn't bad but it's expensive, but you can get real hamburger meat, Australian steaks and whatnot. I used to work down that way and sometimes bought a nice steak in there to cook at home.

I usually shop at Aushan in DaGuan area. Has a pretty decent meat department and I have bought steaks and hamburger from there lots of times. Even the big Lainhua stores have an OK beef selection. So I haven't for me had much of an issue buying raw meat to cook.

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