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Mr. Zheng

The World Cup bullshit.

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Well, fortunately it only happens once every four years, but I am sort of dreading the event as a barfly and drunk.

Basically all the joints are going to play this crap and this is not so horrible. What does suck is that the bar turns off the music and turns up the volume on the Chinese play by play. I do not understand why people cannot WATCH the game without commentary. If you want commentary, turn your WiFi on and tune into the game online. Simple.

Many teams didn’t make it this year. Italy and the Netherlands are two that comes to mind. My country, the USA didn’t make the cut either. Of course, China didn’t make it, despite being the largest nation on Earth. If I were the leader, I would make it a priority for China to be in it. There are probably 50 to a 100,000,000 young men in China between the ages of 18 and 30. Surely out of that pool, you can find twenty boys who can play the game. Doesn’t have to win it and will never win it, but there is a “no face” element to the largest nation on Earth who will do anything to get on the International Stage to fail at this.

My favorite team this year, Iceland. One of my best China friends is from Iceland. Iceland had less than 400,000 people. Xiasha District in Hangzhou has more people than Iceland.

But yes, to our local barflies and drunks, prepare for your gin joints and off campus dives to be taken over for two months for this bullshit. We’ll live, maybe!

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Went to Mojito yesterday - they showed the opening ceremony and the game muted. Music was blasting and people were having a great time.

FIFA WC will bring more people to sports bars. Most places won't be affected, maybe a bigger turn out... Or do you prefer to drink alone?

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