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Mr. Zheng

Job in Xiasha teaching five kids 16,000 for eight weeks.

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There is a teaching position available to the right person. It is in Xiasha working for a couple who rented an apartment to start a small school. So far they have five children and probably couldn’t support more than ten kids. The kids ages seem to be from about six and ten.

I accepted the job, but saw the distance prohibitive. They seem like a very nice young couple trying to make a buck. My current on and off employer (who is like your lunatic wife you come back to periodically to see if things changed) has offered me about the same work close to home. Actually this job pays better for the time if you live out there.

They would pay me 8000 a month for two classes from 9 am to 11:15 am with a 15 minute break, five days a week. If this was in town, it would be a decent gig. If you live in Xiasha, give it a shot. If you speak English and are a foreigner, they will hire you.

Please feel free to PM myself or Weixin me at Chinaglenn. Teacher needed by July 5. 

I don’t want to screw these people over. If you are out in Xiasha (The Garden Spot of the Orient) take the job. Be home by noon, home all day.


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Hi I'm Sandra and am interested . Please reach me  on weChat 15868535752. Hoping to hear from you soon . Thanks 

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