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Need help to deal with mosquitoes and mosquitoes bites!



This is my first summer in Hangzhou, and I am freaked out whenever I see my own leg! I had been getting sooo many mosquitoes bites, and it is super unappealing! 


I had been spraying my whole room with aerosol (brand name: Raid), I had been spraying mosquitoes repellent into my leg as well as using the mosquito repellent which had to be plugged into the electricity plugger (all from the same brand).


Unfortunately, It seems like they are not really helpful! I am still getting mosquito bites, and unlike the one that I have in my hometown, it leaves a black scar! Both of my legs are sooo ugly with the black scar, and it is sooo itchy as well. >.<


please help if anyone have ways to remove the mosquito, and any balm/ointment recommendations to aid the mosquito bite.


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I always used the stuff u put in the electricity socket. 

Worked like a charm for me,  and don't confuse mosquito bites with the tiny flies around trees.. They fly through your clothes and they bite and it looks like mosquito bites on xtc lol.. They will be gone in October so that is almost haha 

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