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Is it possible to have someone on a tourist visa bring your pet for you, to Hangzhou?


I'm moving to Hangzhou in the beginning of August, and I'm planning to have my boyfriend bring our dog over at the end of the month. I'll be in Hangzhou on a work visa, but my bf will be coming on a tourist visa. My question is, has anyone had experience importing a pet on a tourist visa, flying directly to Hangzhou? I've read conflicting things online, but to me it seems like he should be able to bring the dog over, as long as we register it in my name? Additionally, would the dog's paperwork need to be in my name? Or my boyfriend's, since that's who is bringing her?


Looking for any advice or information from those who have done something similar! Thanks in advance :)

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I would ask the Chinese Embassy in your country of residence. Be prepared perhaps to hear or read two conflicting versions of the law, because this is China, the Kingdom of Mass Confusion (群众混乱的王国).

I take it your dog cannot speak Chinese, so he may have trouble communicating with most of the animals here because they don’t speak English, except for the occasional cat licking its balls. Besides dogs are not safe here, they may get kidnapped to be the host of a barbecue. Or much worse, the babydoll plaything of a 19 year old girl with a Prada handbag who does nothing all day except texting her boyfriend and occasionally farting.

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