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Freelancer Audio&Video Recordists;Children English book writer, editor are needed!!!

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English native speaker audio & video recordists are needed!!!


1.         Authentic and clear pronunciation, young and lively voice that good enough to read children stories and books.

2.         Healthy fit looking and active acting in front of camera.


Maximum 5 hours a day, negotiable working time, can up to your personal free time set schedule


Hourly pay starts from 250 per hour, pay cash once done

Taxi fee and food provided while working


Bingjiang Inventronics business building B 5th Floor



Freelance English language writer/proof reader editor for children books!!!



3-12 years old Children books writing/editing /proofreading

1)     specialized in English language teaching or learning area, have experience in kids’ education, good at writing/editing/proofreading

2)     love making children books and can work with as team for publishing, able to response and communicate online when necessary   

3)    patience and passion for working for better children products



A usual book has 10-15 pages with 50-100 words, a level serise usually has 15-20 stories; 

we usually like to distribute this work by levels or by a series of books (15-20)



1.      Online payment to any account you refer to once work is done and confirmed (No tax involved)

2.      Starts from $5(RMB35) per story for proofreading or editing, $10(RMB65) for writing; or negotiable up to your qualification.

[please send me private message for my contact information]

Kiki Young

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