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Hangzhou Expat

Nice room in 2brms apmt available in Gongshu district

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Hey everyone! Looking for someone to take over my room from end of this month or asap. 


1st floor shared apartment (2 bedrooms, 1bathroom, living room, storage/dining room, laundry room and yard) located in Gongshu district. Very accessible from metro and buses. 


Double room, gets lots of light and has loads of storage. Flatmate from America really cool and friendly. Communal spaces all really nice and big. Internet included, oven, washing machine, good cooking facilities, air conditioning, indoor yard, etc.


2050 RMB per month. Rent is paid every 3months so 6150 every time.         


Address: 浙江省杭州市拱墅区塘河南村48幢4单元101 


Send me a message for pics and details if you’re interested. My wechat id is fasha_amar

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